Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cheap Date Ideas?

I have been dating a guy for approx. 6 months now. We are at that point in the relationship where if we do not plan dates, we will stay in and be comfortable. Although it is easier on my mental sanity (there's always work to be done!) and my wallet to stay in, we have agreed to aim for two dates a week -- a small one during the weekday and a bigger one over the weekend.

This week I was in charge of the small date so we ended up going to a discounted movie theater and hit an ice cream parlor before. He is planning for us to go to a drive in movie in a town that is a bit away and grabbing dinner there. Next weekend, we are planning on a little get away for our anniversary trip.

Although romance is nice, the problem is that it always seem to cost money. Sure, the discounted movie theater was cheap but I can't be doing that for every date. I plan on cooking for both of us a few times and going to cheap events around campus, but it seems everything costs money. Hopefully I can be creative enough to keep our date plans going.


Finance Junkie said...

Please see my second posting under this archive link:

You should find about 45 frugal date ideas.

Best of luck

Inky Productions said...

Roller/ice skate, walk in the park (feed ducks), mini-golf, bowling (once you buy shoes and not rent it's so much cheaper and only $20 for a pair of good bowling shoes no more sharing!), beach, swimming, picnic, go boating (if you own one) and cruise, rent a season of a show and do a marathon run with popcorn, play video games, go to the zoo (feed the giraffes; memberships make going cheaper and help out a good cause), museum visits, netflix a video and snuggle in for an evening, window shop downtown, eat in, locate a good thai/chinese restaurant b/c their prices are usually fantastic for the amount of food you get, far apart? skype a conversation, buy a pretzel at the mall and take a leisurely run through of the shops, and bake deserts/food together one afternoon.